Babysitter for Your Destination Wedding in Tulum

The beautiful beaches and amazing hotels make it a breathtaking place to have a wedding. We offer professional, experienced babysitters for your destination wedding in Tulum to make sure you can enjoy the big day knowing your kids are in great hands. Anana makes a point to make sure you can have the same sitter for your entire stay so you can enjoy the rehearsal, ceremony, and after party while we set up awesome games and activities to play with the kids! Our sitters always come equipped with age appropriate toys to make sure your kids have as great of a time at the wedding as you do. You can read more about the fantastic experiences other parents have had with us here!



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Get to Know Your Awesome Babysitter in Tulum

Welcome to our glorious little beach town. We are super excited to have you here and would to help you get to know your awesome babysitter in Tulum a little better! All of our sitters are bilingual, CPR certified, and have years of experience with kids of all ages. We also bring lots of fun age appropriate toys to play until bedtime. We are also available for skype/facetime interviews so you can get to know us better and tell us about your awesome kids. Can’t wait to meet you!

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SCUBA Diving in Tulum

Scuba diving in Tulum is a breathtaking experience. Here we go diving in the cenotes which are fresh water underground caverns that are amazing to explore. These cenotes are perfect for every kind of diving, from Open water divers to Dive Masters/Instructors. If you have never dove before, Tulum is an incredible place to start. There are cenotes with tons of wonderful fish and even a caiman that you can go to without a certification. We love the divers at Adventure Tour Center. They have years of experience and are some of the nicest, most professional divers you’ll meet!

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How Anana Babysitting Tulum Prepares for a Hot Day

Here in Tulum we have become experts on keeping kids happy and playing hard no matter how hot the day! We make sure to keep them hydrated by taking frequent water breaks and move our fun beach activities into the shade. Applying sunscreen is a major priority for us and we love to make it into a game to keep the day flowing smoothly. We have the kids take regular breaks, and have tons of fun activities to play in the room while we wait for the hottest moments of the day to pass. No matter what the weather, we are prepared to make each day a fun packed adventure! 

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Family Friendly Beach Clubs in Tulum

Tulum is a magical place to enjoy with the whole family. Here is our list of some of our favorite family friendly beach clubs. All of them have delicious beach side restaurants and lots of space to run around!

  1. La Zebra is an awesome place for kids of all ages. They have a delicious restaurant and it hosts a fantastic playground with swings, monkey bars, and a seesaw!

  2. Ahau is the perfect place for playing on the beach. You’ll always find more kids and families to join in on the fun. 

  3. Posada Margarita is one of Tulum’s original restaurants with awesome pasta and a beautiful space to run around. They also have amazing gelato that will make your beach day complete!

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