If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Can I interview the babysitters?

Yes of course! Please contact us or email us directly to set up a Skype/Facetime interview so you can get to know us better!

Can I get updates on my kids while I’m out?

Yes! We encourage you to communicate with your sitter while you are away so that you feel the most comfortable. Sitters are instructed to update parents every few hours unless otherwise specified by the parents.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel before the 24 hours you will receive a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel after the 24 hours, all deposit will be forfeited.

What happens if I go over my session time?

Don’t worry! We understand that you are on vacation. The last thing you want to be doing is checking your watch instead of enjoying your night. If you run over time, we will simply adjust the final cost of the service. Please be aware that we have special rates for service time that takes place after midnight.

Do you provide games?

Yes! We have a variety of books, toys, games, and activities tailored for every age.

Do the sitters drive / transport children?

No, all child care must take place in the hotel where you are staying. We will not transport children.

Are the sitters experienced with infants?

Yes, our sitters have years of experience with infants, toddlers, and children. Our service is generally offered for children from 6mo-13 years old. Please contact us if you have younger children so we can make special accommodations.

Do you have experience with special needs children?

Yes, we have sitters who have siblings with Autism and other cognitive impairments and grew up helping care for them. Please contact us so we can make the best match.

Do you offer overnight stays?

Yes of course! Leave us a note in the contact form so we can arrange the details with you and the sitter.