Best ways to Deal with Mosquitos

Coming to the Caribbean means pristine beaches, amazing cenotes, and wonderful food. Of course, the Caribbean also has mosquitos that love to come out in the early morning and evenings. Here are our recommendations of the best way to deal with mosquitos.

First, make sure you keep the mosquito net closed, even during the day. This is the best way to make sure none of them get trapped and bother you at night. We love repellents that contain Citronella (a natural repellant)  but OFF! is also a great option to put on before heading out to dinner. Most pharmacies here in Tulum carry repellents that you can buy when you arrive.

For babies, wearing PJs with long sleeve/pants can help keep them protected at night. We always make sure to keep the fan going because it makes it harder for the mosquitos to fly and gives us a good night’s sleep! 

Let us know if you have any other questions!